Empowering Communities

Building Homes for the Rohingya
Help Build a family a Home.
Hot Food Distribution
With your help we have fed 180,000 meals already over 90 days!
Health Centre for Rohingya
A health centre in in Cox Bazar
Empowering Communities
Learn about our story and campaign.
Water Wheel
Water wheels are simple, inexpensive devices and will save families time, effort and injury. It really Empowers women and children!
Classroom Block Construction
Drop of Compassion are raising funds to build a new school block in Somba, providing children currently not being educated a chance to succeed in life.
Water Irrigation - Sustain for Life
Just £25 will Sustain one person for Life! Water irrigation schemes supply an abundance of water to a village. This is enough to provide the foundation for the growing of staple crops....
Somba Health Clinic
Drop of Compassion clinic in Somba supports approximately 3,000 people per month (out of which 12% are treated for HIV and 52% are treated for Malaria
Water Borehole Projects
Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness.
School Feeding Programme
Drop of Compassion is supporting 450 students via this programme, providing daily lunches on school days.
Honey Farming
The project has already benefited approximately 500 people, that’s 60 families across 2 villages. This includes female headed, elderly headed and orphans.

Our Story

Amongst the changes and improvement within oneself is to try and remember the less fortunate around the world and give charity to those in need. This year our message was to focus our act of giving from the heart.

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Empowering women and children!

Water Wheel

  The journey involves walking through wild and mountainous land with uneven terrains. This is the first of 3 trips she will make today, and every single day. She carries 20 – 40 litres in a container, on her head...
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Water is the Solution

There are many methods of sourcing and provisioning water to rural areas. Following Drop of Compassion’s extensive research into this area, we are focusing on irrigation projects as the method aligns with our ethos of providing long term sustainable solutions. Our irrigation projects provide beneficiaries with more than just clean drinking water as they will also support the growth of crops, helping the people to be self sufficient.

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Giving them a chance in Life

Classroom Block Construction

    Every child has the right to an education. This however doesn’t warrant class sizes of 200 students and studying in 36 degree heat. This is the standard of education currently available to the underprivileged children of Malawi. It’s...
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