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Rohingya Crisis – Trip 2

£20 will provide a family with a Hygiene Pack!
£30 will provide a family with a Food Pack!
£100 will provide Hot Food for 100 people!
£175 will provide a community with a Hand Pump!
£270 will provide a community with a Toilet and Shower!

Urgent Appeal:

Our brothers and sisters in Myanmar (formerly Burma) are being tortured and tormented resulting in many lives lost and over 500,000 seeking refuge in Bangladesh. This number is increasing everyday.


Villages are being burned, fathers are being shot dead, the women are being abused and as a result families torn apart.

This is not the synopsis of a movie. It is a reality for the Rohingya people.

Over 500,000 people have been forced to flee their homes due to the ongoing crimes against humanity in Myanmar.

With nothing but the clothes on their backs, thousands of displaced Rohingya are in desperate need of basic essentials such as Water, Food, Good Hygiene and Shelter.


How can we Help?

Drop of Compassion volunteers will be leaving for Bangladesh on 22nd October 2017 to deliver much needed aid to refugees in Bangladesh.  Your generous donations will ensure that we support as many people as possible.

The following packages can provide a family or community with essential supplies for Food, Hygiene, Water and Sanitation:


Just £20: Hygiene Pack

This includes Sanitary Pads x 2 Packs, Soap x 5, Toothbrushes x 6, Toothpaste Powder, Toothpaste x TBC, Comb x 1, Nail cutters x 1

Just £30: Family Food Pack

This includes Chana Dhaal x 5kg, Dhaal x 4.5kg, Beans x 5kg, Potatoes x 5kg, Spices x 1kg, Biscuits x 2kg, Sugar x 1kg, Salt x 1kg, Cooking oil x 3kg, Water x 5ltrs, Cooking Pots x 2.

Just £100: Hot Food

100 people will be fed Hot food so that they dont go hungry.

Just £175: Water Hand Pump

One of the biggest challenges that face areas suffering from poverty, famine or drought is the lack of access to clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes. Water is fundamental to life yet even today millions of people, particularly those living in third world countries, have little to no access to it.
Water is an all-purpose element that is used for a variety of things, from cooking to cleaning. Not having a steady supply of water puts entire villages in a severely dire situation.
Drop of Compassion has always been mindful of water sanitation, providing residents of affected areas with clean drinking water.
One of the quickest and easiest ways to provide drinking water is by creating a hand-operated water pump. It is also the most cost-efficient way, which makes water wells a very popular choice in third world countries.

Just £270: Toilet and Shower

“Every day, about 1,800 children under the age of five die of illnesses linked to unclean water and poor sanitation. That’s more than half a million a year – or about one a minute” (UNICEF).
An estimated 2.4 billion people (one third of the world’s population) do not have access to a toilet. Without access to a toilet, people get sick from contaminated water. Lack of sanitation spreads illnesses and disease; children under five especially vulnerable, malnourished and weakened by poverty
It’s not just about toilets. It’s about respect.


All donations, however little, will go a long way in providing relief to the desperate Rohingya people. You can make a difference to their lives by supporting this cause and donating generously, THANK YOU.



100% Donation, No Deductions!

We guarantee 100% of your donations will reach their intended target. The charity operates on a voluntary basis ensuring our costs are kept to a minimum. The set-up, operating, admin and marketing costs are met by the trustees, supporters and some from the gift aid contributions.