Indeed with Hardship comes Ease

Indeed with Hardship comes Ease


These are testing times for mankind as COVID-19 pandemic affects people across the globe. It has also shown how humanity can come together for a common cause. We at Drop of Compassion have assisted our local community by providing essential items to local food banks as well as supporting NHS staff. We are also actively engaged internationally in Malawi and Bangladesh by trying to ease the economic burden faced by individuals in those countries.

Drop of Compassion need your support to assist those impacted by the crisis so we can:

– Provide essential supplies to charitable and medical organisations including food banks and the NHS with our Emergency COVID19 Appeal: NATIONAL campaign

–  Ease economic burden of those impacted in Malawi and Bangladesh with our Emergency COVID19 Appeal: INTERNATIONAL campaign

On a more positive note, with the Help of Allah SWT and the generosity of our donors, the charity has grown from strength to strength.

In MALAWI, after seeing the success of the Somba Hub, 2 new hubs are now in the development phase which will improve the living standards of thousands of people. We have continued our sustainability work by completing various water irrigation systems and boreholes. In addition, 2 masjids and education centres have been completed.

In the ROHINGYA refugee camps, 900 homes have now been completed and the hot food program is still ongoing. We also distributed Bread in Yemen to thousands of people.

In WEST BENGAL, we continue to support 340 orphans. Alhumdulillah, the extension is now in development as the foundation of the building has been laid.

Now, more than ever, we must continue to support our ongoing projects focusing on:

WATER – Granting the gift of easy access to clean water for those currently having to travel many miles each day.

HEALTH – Ensuring the well being of thousands who receive free healthcare from our clinics.

ORPHANS – Sponsoring Orphan children and providing them with shelter, food and a good education.

Through your generous donations and duas, we put our trust in Allah SWT, for:


Please continue to support these life-changing projects with your generous donations.

More information about our projects can be found via the website or clicking the link below to view our yearly report.

Download our NEW 2020 Brochure (PDF)

Please continue to support these life changing projects with your generous donations. Donating your Zakah, Sadaqah or Lillah through our website is quick and easy. We operate on a 100% donation policy


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