Zikomo Allah – Thank you my Lord

Zikomo Allah (Thank you my Lord)



For many individuals around the world, 2020/2021 has indeed been a very challenging year. From loosing loved ones to coronavirus as well as the adverse impact to the global economy, this year has highlighted the increased need for charitable organisations both on a local and international level.

Locally, Drop of Compassion worked on a number of initiatives:

  • Supporting Local Food Banks
  • Through BMCF ( British Muslim Covid Fund) distributing £100k of grants
  • Support the Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal with a donation of £250k

Internationally we have also been very active:

In Malawi, 

  • Completed 21 irrigation schemes
  • Health and maternity clinic continue to serve during the Pandemic seeing an average 3300+ patients monthly and supported over 840+ Births this year
  • Development of 3 NEW hubs! With ongoing developments of existing hubs
  • Built 12+ Boreholes that provide access to clean water
  • Distributed over 2100 waterwheels making it easier for people to travel with clean water

In Bangladesh and the Rohingya refugee camps,

  • We focused on providing daily hot food in Ramadhan and distributing food packs. We provided 500,000+ meals last year alone across all the countries we support.
  • We also built a further 200 homes in the camps. (with recent fires we have pledged to build a further 500) this is only possible with your help.


  • We have been providing fresh bread daily in Yemen to over 5100 people for over 9 months
  • We have built 3 We built 3 Water Pumps providing clean water to nearly 7500 people.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donors and supporters Without your help, none of the above would be possible. I pray that these acts of charity weigh heavily on your scale of good deeds, ameen.

Please continue to support these life-changing projects with your generous donations.

Please continue to support these life-changing projects with your generous donations.

More information about our projects can be found via the website or clicking the link below to view our yearly report.

Download our NEW 2021 Brochure (PDF)


Please continue to support these life changing projects with your generous donations. Donating your Zakah, Sadaqah or Lillah through our website is quick and easy. We operate on a 100% donation policy

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