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Building Homes for the Rohingya

Donation Goal For This Project is £187,500
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March 2021 Update:

A devastating fire has engulfed the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

10,000+ homes have been destroyed leaving over 100,000 people displaced and homeless once again. (these numbers are likely to increase once final numbers are known)

Drop of Compassion need your support to rebuild the lives and homes for those impacted by the fire. We are committed to helping as many people as possible with a minimum target to rehouse 500 families by the end of Ramadan.

With your help we have already built 1000 homes helping approximately more than 5000 beneficiaries with a safe place to live.


Present Crisis

More than 1.2 million Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar. As a stateless Muslim minority group in Myanmar, they have faced discrimination, violence and extreme poverty for decades.

The latest exodus began on 25 August 2017, when violence broke out in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. The vast majority of Rohingya refugees reaching Bangladesh are women and children, including newborn babies. Many others are elderly people requiring additional aid and protection. They have nothing and need everything.



With the monsoon weather and the present condition. Drop of Compassion with our partners have acquired land to build homes. These homes a protective environment that will shields the families from the monsoon and winds. With these new homes thousands of families will be saved from this wet and windy monsoon.

This is the current state of the Rohingya refugees and their living conditions:

Home Specifications:

  • Includes 2 bedrooms furnished with bedding

  • Includes basic solar panel for electricity and lighting

  • Total size being 15 x 12 feet

  • Sturdy construction mainly of bamboo to ensure it is Waterproof and Windproof

  • Metal foundation posts


Project Objectives

The specific objectives include:

  • The project will protect and home vulnerable families who are living in poorly built homes
  • Protect against the monsoon rain
  • Give a sturdy home that will withstand the harsh conditions of the monsoon
  • Will provide livelihood for local Rohingya refugees who will construct the homes.
  • The project will home 1500 families
  • The refugees will have a safe clean environment to live in Facilitate the children’s growth in an empathic family setting that they need.


All donations, however little, will go a long way in providing relief to the desperate Rohingya people. You can make a difference to their lives by supporting this cause and donating generously, THANK YOU.

100% Donation, No Deductions!

We guarantee 100% of your donations will reach their intended target. The charity operates on a voluntary basis ensuring our costs are kept to a minimum. The set-up, operating, admin and marketing costs are met by the trustees, supporters and some from the gift aid contributions.