Indeed with Hardship comes Ease

Help feed the Rohingya a hot meal!

DONATE NOW to help feed the Rohingya!


Just £100 will provide HOT FOOD for 200 people!

DONATE NOW to help feed the Rohingya!

Project Benefits:

With your generosity Drop of compassion has fed nearly 240,000 hot meals to the Rohingya refugees in Banglasdesh. Thats nearly 2000 people being fed for over 120 days. This provides a lifeline in terms of basic nutrition to those who are malnourished and under privileged, especially orphaned children.



Present Crisis

More than 1.2 million Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar since October. As a stateless Muslim minority group in Myanmar, they have faced discrimination, violence and extreme poverty for decades.

It is a fight to survive for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. In cramped and unhygienic camps thousands of refugees face disease, hunger and uncertainty about the future.

Although the Rohingya have lived in Myanmar for centuries, they were stripped of their citizenship in 1982 effectively rendering them stateless. Their movement is tightly restricted by the authorities.

More than 1.2 million Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar since October when the military launched a crackdown against what it called Rohingya insurgents after an attack on an army post. Since then hundreds of Rohingya civilians have been killed. The United Nations has accused Myanmar’s military of committing crimes against humanity.

There is an urgent need to ensure that displaced people and other civilians affected by the violence are protected and are given safe access to humanitarian assistance including food, water, shelter, and health services.

Project Objectives

Distribution of Cooked Food Packs in this distressed situation for the Rohingya who are staying currently in Bangladesh. This support is very much needed in their present condition.The overall purpose of the project is to aid food security and feed the malnourished.

Here are some of the objectives:

  • To distribute the Cooked Food Packs to the extreme poor Rohingya Refugees who cannot arrange anything on their own accord.
  • To reduce suffering of the targeted people.
  • To ensure a means of living in some ways during the project/program’s time frame.
  • The weekly menu is varied with foods such as meat, lentils, potatoes, rice and curry to mention a few. So to give them a balanced diet.
  • Main beneficiaries are children, women and the elderly.

    A lot of whom are orphans and widows.

Our plan is to continue this project for as long as we can as many people don’t have access to cooked food in the camps. Many children have no family as many are orphans and don’t have someone to cook them a simple hot meal.


With your help, we have already fed nearly 240,000 HOT MEALS over a 120 period. However the funds are now running out. This is a vital lifeline for many of the Rohingya children and for as little as £1 you can provide 2 hot meals.


Just £100 will provide HOT FOOD for 200 people!

DONATE NOW to help feed the Rohingya!


All donations, however little, will go a long way in providing relief to the desperate Rohingya people. You can make a difference to their lives by supporting this cause and donating generously, THANK YOU.

100% Donation, No Deductions!

We guarantee 100% of your donations will reach their intended target. The charity operates on a voluntary basis ensuring our costs are kept to a minimum. The set-up, operating, admin and marketing costs are met by the trustees, supporters and some from the gift aid contributions.