Our trip to Malawi – Day 4


The journey to Somba started with us stopping of to buy some buns, drinks and wafers for an event, an inauguration of the Honey farming, Tree planting and Mbuzi (Goat) Projects respectively.

We went into the school where the event was to take place and the local people started to sign beautifully some of the local welcoming song is Yoa. We gave out some clothes that we had taken with us and gave them to the local team who were volunteering for the projects.

We could see in there faces they wanted to make the projects work and were working very hard to make this an example and model for other villages to work from.

Several key dignitaries were also penciled in for the launch, before the start of the event we were take around the village to see the work they have carried out in Somba. It was impressive what they had done with the tree planting. The trainings provided for each project is playing a key role in equipping the locals with knowledge and skills that will be passed on for generations.

The chief had a presence about him, he came dressed very smart and when he spoke there was an air of silence the locals respected him but he had a warm smile. He didn’t look his age. He asked us to work with the locals and develop and support the projects here. He took us to the different trees that were planted and you could see the plants all shooting out, first mango trees, then pumpkin tree, guava tree and many others just to name a few.

We then went back to the event, Abdul Aziz, The Ministry of Honey farming, the Head of Agriculture and farming and a few of the chiefs spoke respectively. As the locals stood up to show which projects they volunteered for you could feel that they were ready to take on the various tasks and trainings proposed for them to sustain there village.

When the ceremony finished we spoke with the locals while they were having the snacks we had got earlier, they were optimistic with these projects and couldn’t thank us enough. We saw some of the goats, area where the honey farming would start.

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