Our trip to Malawi – Day 5

MSS / Maoni Vocational Training Centre / Radio Islam & Tanwir Blind School

The day started with two visits at different clinics, Bangwe and Ndirande,

Bangwe was the better of two, Ndirande needs some work doing to it, the medicine were left in a room where the water was leaking, the roof was falling apart, the floor looked grim and the facilities looked very basic. I feel that some review needs to happen to up the work that is carried out there.

Bangwe Clinic on the other hand was very clean, even though the facilities are basic; it provides a care for the local people. We donated some blood pressure monitors to Madinah Social Services to distribute to all its surgeries and clinics.

We paid a quick visit to the Dai Halimah Maternity ward, this gave us an idea of what we need to have in place for our own maternity clinic for future projects.

We then went to Maoni Vocational training centre where work was being carried out on an overnight facilities for the local young men to come stay and be trained up in Carpentry, plumbing and brick laying. These skills would equip them to go out and get jobs in these fields. A project initiative that DoC will re visit in the future once the building work is complete, this is still in fruition and once complete.

We had a short interview on the radio at the Radio Islam office where we gave a brief overview about the work drop of compassion does in Malawi and how we are implementing them. Our presence is slowly growing in Malawi.

A blind student recited the 40 durood for us when we visited the Tanvir school for the blind. Its great to see that stigma towards those with disabilities are taken of and the sterling work that is being carried out here.

I agree strongly, we need to make sure existing projects are reviewed and improved before we start to work on other projects

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