Indeed with Hardship comes Ease

Jombo Borehole

Project Description

Total cost = £2,980

Jombo Borehole has now been completed. If you want to support other borehole projects then you can visit our general “Borehole projects” page or donating directly by clicking donate now.

A spot visit by the trustees witnessed more than 50 villagers queuing for water. The villagers were mainly women and children spread over 4 nearby villages. The Borehole is benefiting approximately 1000 beneficiaries. Though the water in the borehole is abundant, the demand for water is still very high. Boreholes cost approximately £3,000. The locations are selected to prioritise areas with the greatest need.

Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness

(UNICEF, WHO 2009)

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