Malawi Borehole Projects

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£3000: The cost of a new borehole is £3000

Our Impact

So far we have drilled 12 Boreholes to date
The borehole drilling is based in Malawi
This benefits 24,000 approximately across over 40 villages

Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness

(UNICEF, WHO 2009)

Lack of water severely impacts lives in this region. Lack of water primarily leads to famine, poverty, diseases and death. Additionally, lack of water access has a great negative social impact on women and children who bear the primary responsibility to gather water for the families. This leads to less time spent on education, farming, family responsibility amongst many factors.

What are Drilled Boreholes?

The journey involves walking through wild and mountainous land with uneven terrains. This is the first of 3 trips she will make today, and every single day. She carries 20 – 40 litres in a container, on her head the whole 2km home. Her grandmother is old and frail and she is 12, but together, this is what they do every single day to provide clean water for their family. She’s not the only one there as many children undertake this task as a daily chore, mainly before they attend school.

Boreholes can be drilled to provide a safe and reliable source of water for the whole community and avoid the risk of cross contamination of water borne diseases and livestock. Boreholes are safe for all community members to use, both women and children can gain easy and quick access to water, without the risk of accidents and deaths from falling into the water source.

These boreholes are drilled to reach greater depths, more efficiently and more quickly, tapping into deep underground sources of water (aquifers). Hence drilled boreholes are more expensive to construct, but the opportunities to support communities to grow with a borehole are far greater than a traditionally hand dug open well.

Periodic and spot inspections of the site will be carried out in due course to ensure the facility is being utilised properly and is fully functional. Boreholes cost approximately £3000 each.

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