Malawi Cyclone Freddy Crisis 2023

Your Donation

£2000: Will provide ONE HOME for a FAMILY

Facts and figures

Tropical Cyclone Freddy is the longest-lived storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere.
Hundreds have been killed and thousands have been displaced from their homes.

Whoever saves a life is as though he had saved all mankind

(QURAN 5:32)

Present Crisis

TOGETHER we can help bring some URGENT relief to the families affected by the flood devastation.

In this time of need, we are coming together to support those affected and bring them some comfort and hope. We have working tirelessly to provide food, shelter, and cash support to those who needed it most.

Your donation can provide a home for those who are vulnerable and in need.

Please help and support the victims of the Tropical Cyclone Freddy in Malawi. All donations, however little, will go a long way in providing relief to the desperate people of Malawi. You can make a difference to their lives by supporting this cause and donating generously, THANK YOU.

* Donations will be used where most needed unless stated. If allocation for the pack is finished then we will give your funds to the most needy projects for the same appeal.

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