Malawi Mbuzi (Goat) Project

Your Donation

£50: Just £50 will help one family start rearing Goats!

Our Impact

We provided 900 goats to 1000s of families
Benefitting approximately over 5000 people
This is in the southern region of Malawi

The best charity is that which fulfils someone’s need and is continuous.

(Ibn al-Qayyim)

The Mbuzi (Goat) project empowers families through women to alleviate poverty and enable self sufficiency. Goats provide sustainable income sources and are low maintenance animals. They produce an average of four kids per year. These may be sold, kept for reproduction or passed on to another family.

The Process: Empowering by Sharing

Initially we provided training to villagers to help them maintain the project. They are fully explained the goal of the program which aims to help them become self-sufficient.

We provided 64 goats (60 females and 4 males) across 2 villages. The first offspring were collected and passed on to another family. This cycle then continues! Ensuring financial independence and also teaching the villagers the principle of giving back and sharing with the community.

Empowering Women

The goats are given mainly to women. They tend to be more responsible and disciplined to ensure the projects success. It gives them ownership and increases their sense of self-worth. Often, in the rural communities, men tend to retain control of everything in the family which seriously disadvantages women. Our program educates the village through meeting with the elders, chief of the village, women and their husbands to explain the program and its merits.

The Benefits:

  • Goats are low cost to maintain as they feed on local grass.
  • The grass also provides health benefits minimizing the need for multiple expensive vaccinations.
  • Goats are used for food, milk and meat.
  • The skin is used for fabrics, shoes and house mats.
  • The droppings and urine is also be used for manure to compliment the agricultural crops grown.

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