Malawi School Feeding Programme

Your Donation

£40: Just £40 will feed 450 children one meal everyday!

Our Impact

This benefits approximately nearly 1200 children a year
Reduced malnutrition and increased energy levels from nutritional lunches
This is in the southern region of Malawi

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world

(Nelson Mandela)

Just £40 will feed 450 children one meal everyday!

Most of the children who may benefit from the school feeding program are from low-income earning families that can hardly manage three meals a day. Some children are orphaned of either both or one parent. Most villagers do not have formal type of employment hence depend on peasant farming activities.

This feeding programme encourages kids to stay at school by preventing them from hunger. The programme is carried out in the same Somba School where we are constructing the school blocks.

Education is a key to development in any society as it develops the individual capacity physically, emotionally and intellectually. With this status, an individual moves positively to respond to the environment or society, more positively, by assuming various roles that help develop the society even more. Malawi has an estimated population of 13 million people with low literacy rate, our goal is to achieve universal and quality education.

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